Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Another List...

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There’s nothing better than...

©Sleeping in your own bed after being away for ages.
©Taking your shoes off after a long night of partying.
©Mums roast Potato’s.
©Having a good sneeze.
©Warm, fresh bread straight from the bakery.
©Hot showers in the middle of winter.
©My pets cozying up to me without having to force them!  
©Fresh, clean  bed sheets.
©Not wearing make-up and being able to rub your eyes. OMG.
©Having a hot teacher. YES!
©Getting the water out of your ears after swimming.
©Sunshine on a cold day.
©Seeing your ex with someone uglier than you.
©Waking up and realizing you have more time to sleep.
©Finding jeans that fit perfectly.
©Receiving hand-written letters.
©Winning an argument.
©Laughing till your stomach hurts.
©Getting unexpected gifts
©Taking your bra off!
©Finally eating that food you were craving.
©Knowing you are loved.
©Seeing your luggage at the airport baggage claim.
©Knowing everything will be ok.
©Late night chats with my best friend.

What about you, lovely? xx

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