Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Happy Heart!

©Andrew Garfield in 3D !!! ©©© ©Movie dates with Gran ©Picnics in the Park ©Home Alone on TV, in the middle of August!!! ©A huge bag of samousas from Dad, just cause I was craving them ! ©Catching up with an old friend. ©A day out in town for no reason at all ©Some amazing and addictive new shows starting this week! ©Shopping for the perfect Birthday Present for the Bro! ©Vintage Record Shops ©Deep & Meaningfuls with my favourite girl. © Olympic Closing Ceremony – The Spice Girls, Tinie Tempah, Gary Barlow, One Direction, Freddie Mercury, Fat boy slim and an amazing tribute to John Lennon – my heart could not be happier!

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