Friday, 21 December 2012

I Heart Christmas: Christmas Movies

Oh my gosh, guess what has totally ruined my jolly mood? The son of a bitch moment when the winner of Survivor appeared on my Facebook news feed! We are only a few weeks behind so I only had a short time to wait for the finale to be aired here! Grr this totally sucks! I’m actually really happy with who won and I usually love spoilers (I tend to Google EVERYTHING that will be coming up on certain shows!) but reality comps are different, I’m so prone to getting far too emotionally involved and developing non-existent relationships with my fave contestants! Sometimes being a ‘fan’ of things on Facebook is not the best idea! On another note, I'm really surprised they haven't showed Home Alone  on TV yet, usually it's one of the first movies they play this time of year! Anyways, enough of my whinging, here are a few of my favourite Christmas Movies… 
"Buzz, your girlfriend. Woof!"
©Home Alone.
© Love Actually
©White Christmas.
©It’s a Wonderful Life.
© Miracle on 34th Street
©The Family Stone.
 ©While You Were Sleeping.
©The Family Stone.
© Home Alone 2.
©National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.
 ©Meet Me in St. Louis.
©Home for the Holidays.
What are some of your favourite Christmas movies lovely?


  1. ah man that sucks about finding out on FB :/ I totally understand... I get emotionally involved too (whether it's a book or tv show or even a movie).

  2. is it ok that i laughed when you said, b#tch moment? ;) i never thought of while you were sleeping as a christmas movie, duh me. love actually is really good. it's a wonderful life makes me cry.


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