Tuesday, 29 October 2013

10 Things!

  1. I'm so in love with baby George! I have printed this photo and will frame it, don't judge me!!! LOOK AT HIM OMGGGGG!
  2. Even though they air Dirty Dancing  on TV a crazy amount I still watch and recite along, every time!
  3. I'm the kind of person that wants physical affection but am also very uncomfortable and particular about physical contact.
  4. Do people still listen to CDs? I usually put one on when my iPod battery dies, I love blaring music all over the house! Yes, I've already started blaring Christmas Carols!!
  5. A girl I've been friends with since primary school recently deleted me on Facebook - even though we weren't close any more, and lets be honest she annoyed the shit out of me with her ridiculous non stop whining, it actually kind of hurts... I'm glad I didn't have to be the bad guy and delete HER though!
  6. I hate brushing my teeth at night because it signifies that I can't have any more food, and I'm just not ready for that kind of commitment!!!!!! 
  7. I laughed so hard watching the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid! How old am I?
  8. I went on a date last week! With an actual boy! That is kind of big news, I haven't been on a first date in ages. I don't know why I saved this for number 8, but it was fun! 
  9. I've watched Grease four times in the past week. I will never get tired of it!! 
  10. The other day I saw a girl on Bold & the Beautiful wearing a dress I own, kind of blew my mind haha!!


  1. Baby George is pretty adorable. His little baby cheeks and his little baby fat rolls are too cute.

  2. Your precious! He is a cute baby. I love Grease as well, I can watch it again and again...best movie :)) x

  3. 1. Yayyyyy did the date work out?
    2. I've never seen Dirty Dancing. or Grease. I've seen Titanic, though, and I looooooove Love Actually
    3. I got my Chelsea boots so tomorrow I can dress like Harry!!
    4. I often dress like Harry, btw^^
    5. I can't get Same Love out of my head bc I listened to it this morning
    6. I'm almost done with reading the Hunger Games series again
    7. I have an insane amount of scratches on my hands and I have no idea what I've done
    8. I should be studying French right now
    9. Or writing my next post
    10. But instead I'm sending you lots of love :D

    xx Jenni

  4. 1. Baby George is pretty stinking cute. Must be nice to live the royal life!
    2. ALWAYS watch Dirty Dancing!
    4. Christmas Carols?!?!? It's not even Halloween yet!
    Meh. You're probably better off. (I love that you call it 'Primary School.' Sounds so fancy.)
    6. I am cracking up!!!!!!!
    8> Hoooray for dates!! Will there be a date #2?
    9. Oh, bite the weenie, Riz.
    10. I dont know that show, but cool!

  5. Baby George is adorable! You'd totally get a kick out of my post why Kate Middleton would make an excellent BFF. Check it out if you'd like. http://www.tami-marie.com/2014/07/10-reasons-why-kate-middleton-will-make.html


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