Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Link Love

Above picture is my favourite Tumblr post of the week, she is divine!

My favourite read of the week: THIS is why you should LOVE teenage Girls!  I know what it's like to be a teenage girl, I was tearing up by the end. 

Love Actually Week!!!!!!!!! Oh my, this makes me so happy! Marla, this is for you ;) xx

Imaginary Disney Boyfriend Wish List. You know I want them alllllll!

10 Words That You've Probably Been Misusing.

26 Truly Thrilling Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Holy shit, YES PLEASE! I drooled numerous times just reading this!

That time Ellen Degeneres taught us how to hide. OH God, I LOVE HER! 

This AWESOME Disney Medley, one of the best! 

Send a Little Note - Free Printable. So adorable! 

Ask a Three-Year-Old: Heartbreak. ADORABLE!

17 Milkshakes that bring all the Boys to the Yard. You know I'm getting onto this ASAP ;) !

Send me your must reads for this week, I'm always looking for new reads!
Have a wonderful week dolls!! Xx


  1. So much fabulosity in this post, of course, beginning with the Love Actually! I thought of you on Sunday when I read on Yahoo it was the 10th anniversary of its release. It's snowing here, so I'm watching it tonight! Steve just doesn't know it yet.

    Grilled cheese has go to be one of my top 5 comfort meals. There is a placer in the twon my sister lives that has 30+ types of grilled cheese. it's overwhelming to sometimes make a decision. The place is called The Pop Shop as was on that Food Network show 'Diners & Drive-Ins.'

    I learned something new about the work nauseous! Who knew???

    I totally have a girl crush on Kate. I wish I could have a week to dress in her clothes and have her hair. So classy.

  2. I LOVED* the Disney medley, ABSOLUTELY amazing!

  3. Julie at Momspectives had a great Veterans Tribute up. The family running to the dad was the best! (S Carolina clip). http://www.momspective.com/veterans-day/

    The picture you put up of the princess is awesome. :)

  4. These are brilliant, I always enjoy the lists you create xx

  5. oh that teenage girl article was tops. i've already long ago figured out the boy band safer crush than a real boy thing. according to that word misusing article i misuse every word on her list. my guy said, that whole article sounds like an outdated definition. words mean what you want them to. which whether he is right or wrong makes me smile. those milkshakes i was gonna list the ones i want to try, but the list got too long. let's just say yum. ;)


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