Thursday, 23 January 2014

Link Love

Hi guys, just a little link loving for you on this lovely but very hot (or very cold, depending which hemisphere you are in!) Thursday! I've just returned from a cute lunch with my Gran and bro :) Frozen was super cute, omg I totally cried! And Saving Mr Banks was so wonderful, Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson are both amazing in it, I left wanting to watch Mary Poppins! Anyway, that's all my news! OH, WAIT! Who watched Mindy Project yesterday?!?! I AM STILL REELING!!!!! I'm going to go insane waiting for it to retun in April, just saying! Now, onto some links...

Above gif is my favourite Tumblr post of the week! Gosh, I love FRIENDS!

Life lessons from Harry Potter! LOVE this!

The Perfect Disney Playlist! Have had this on repeat for the past few days!!

My mental age is 41- shocker! What is yours?

A Buzz Lightyear quote for every situation! Made me giggle!

11 Incredible Bookcases For People Who Really, Really Love Their Books. OK. I JUST DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN!!!

Incredible Family Photos. AMAZING!!!!!

9 New Years Resolutions You Can Actually Achieve This Year. I like this. A lot.

37 People Trying Not To Melt In The Hottest Place on Earth.  PRETTY MUCH, I would know.

15 Iconic People You Had No Idea Were The Same Age. Woah. Blew my mind!

Have you seen Frozen? This mash-up of 'Let it Go' in 25 Languages is a must if you loved the movie!!!

Have a wonderful rest of the week my loves xx


  1. Some of those link were great! I was cracking up how in the family portrait one, the kid was wearing a Limp Bizkit shirt in 2001. Oh wow, the way the mom's style evolved (if thats what you call it!) The treble clef bookcase- I NEED that. And the 15 iconic people/same age also blew me away, most notably MLK, Jr and Anne Frank. Two incredibly powerful people of our time.

  2. LOL my mental age also came 41 , probably we chose positive for McDonald's? Idk.

  3. Hiya doll...these links were amazing!! I need to see Frozen still, must do that!! I hope you have a gorgeous weekend doll xx


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