Thursday, 30 January 2014

10 Things

  1. I loooove this picture of Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Fassbender dancing to Blurred Lines at a Golden Globes after party. I think I look at it at least once a day! I'm not keen on Fassy with a beard though!
  2. It bothers me when parents talk to their little kids like they are adults. 
  3. How come in like every single book ever the weird awkward girl gets the hot popular guy, like this is not how real life works.
  4. I wonder if anyone notices that I only wear like three pairs of pants.
  5. I love it when prawn crackers stick to my lips. Yeah, I'm weird. Even weirder is that I don't like prawns but I love prawn crackers. And prawn cocktail flavoured crisps.
  6. My best friend and I have a movie night once a month. We take it in turns for who hosts it and picks the movies. This month was my turn, I chose Tangled and Aladdin!
  7. Don't text me with spelling errors.
  8. The only place that I go to without wearing make up is the Library.
  9. I have milkshake dates with my Gran at least twice a month!
  10. Awkward moment when Dad and I are in the car and 'I Want Your Sex' comes on the radio. Even worse when he turns it up and bops along. I get weirded out when things like this happen.

I hope your January has been fabulous, roll on February!


  1. hahahahahaa The last one is hilarious!!

    And hurrah to milkshakes with Gran. :)

  2. Fun 10 things? I love these kind of posts.

  3. I'm with you . I HATE WHEN SHY GIRL GETS THE HOTTEST GUY. Why does it even happen?

  4. Michael Fassbender. Yes, please.

  5. I love this picture too...they are both amazing!! Number two bugs me as well, some parents expect their children to grow up so fast & then wonder why they go all crazed later. Prawn crackers, I like when they stick to the roof of my mouth, haha. It makes a funny crackle noise that I like. The rest of these are beautiful & yes it would be awkward to have that song come on with your dad in the car, haha!! Te movies have it all wrong, no one has guys that cute that they go to school with or maybe that was just me & they surely don't pay any attention to the geeky girls, haha! Have a gorgeous weekend doll xx

  6. LOL LOL LOL over your dad bopping around to "I want your sex" That song IS a classic, can't say I blame him. But yes, I could see that being rather awkward.
    This Benedict guy... this is a British thing, no?
    You and your Disney movies. Crack me up!
    I don't 100% agree on the awkward girl thing. I have seen this in real life.


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