Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Happy Heart

Major Works of Jane Austen.  11x14 Art  Print.  Pride and Prejudice. Persuasion.Emma.Northanger Abbey. Mansfield Park

©The above Jane Austen print is so beautiful - found here.
©Visiting the library when it's completely empty ©Olympic figure skating and ice dancing, so stunning!
©Finding the perfect present for someone ©Green tea
©Planning Easter holidays ©Red dresses ©Raw onions (is it just me?!)
©Chocolate mud cake ©Feeling like you've had enough sleep, for once!
©Presents from overseas ©Leftover chocolate frosting, just for me
©Reaching 8000 posts on Tumblr - don't judge me! ©Cookie cutters in the shape of a teapot
©Hugs from my little cousin (she gives the best hugs!) ©Discovering new authors
©Listening to Diana on repeat for hours

What is making your heart happy?


  1. I have never read any Jan Austen novels. Would that make me a bad Brit?
    Right now, my coffee is making my heart happy <3

  2. I love Jane Austen books (and now movies!). The print is nice!

  3. Love these things and the illustration is perfect!! Love those works xx


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